M&C Team up to Fight Opioid Abuse

On Friday April 12, 2019, McDonald and Carney will be teaming with the Essex County Opioid Task Force to help raise awareness and funds to help combat the horrible crisis of opioid addiction. The show will feature the legendary comedy duo of McDonald and Carney, as well as comedians Kevin Garifo and Kate Nichols. The […]

Dumbfellas podcast begins!

McDonald and Carney have joined up with some of their favorite fellow comedians to bring you the newest podcast: The DUMBFELLAS. Listen as five comedians come together for jokes, insults, drinks, and puppets! Take your seat in the back as we invite you to come get a chance to experience the bickering, ball-busting and brotherhood […]

McLAUGH-in goes to AC for St Paddy’s Day!

The “Mc LAUGH-in” Comedy Tour reaches its pinnacle on the highest of all high holy days….Saint Patrick’s Day! McDonald and Carney will be joined by some of the funniest friends as they celebrate March 17th at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. The show will feature Natty Bumpercar, Kevin Garifo, Jackie Byrne and KP Burke. […]

Comedy Festival planned to bring people together!

Please join us for an entire day of laughter, reflection and community healing at the first annual Stand up Against HATE Comedy Fesitival. In an effort to bring ALL people together, lets celebrate our differences, accept each and everyone one of us for who we are, and bridge the divide between us all. All proceeds […]

What’s My Line Anyway? Improv comedy comes to NJ

Big Rich and Joe are very excited to announce our new monthly show….What’s My Line Anyway? VERY “loosely” inspired by ,and mildly similar to the famous tv show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, this night of comedy to bring you laughter and fun. The show will feature the comedic stylings of McDonald and Carney as well as the […]

McDonald and Carney invade Vermont!

McDonald and Carney had an amazing weekend up at the Landgrove Inn up in historic Landgrove, Vermont.  We were able to perform with two of our favorite comedians working today: Mike Celona and Kevin Israel. The Landgrove Inn had a great turnout of guests who came out ready to laugh! The pictures do not do […]

M&C rock with the ROTC

McDonald and Carney (and Jackie Byrne) were fortunate to perform a fundraiser for the West Orange High School ROTC Program.  This took place at the West Orange High School Auditorium on January 13. The show was a BLAST!  We performed for many student members of the ROTC as well as their parents and friends.  We […]

McLAUGHin comes to West Orange

Reminder: SHILLELAGH COMEDY NIGHT NEXT SATURDAY, 1/21 at 8pm… just 1 week away!! Advance tickets are $35 and include UNLIMITED BEER, WINE, & SODA! Tickets are $40 at the door…pay now and save! EVENT UPDATE: Dinner is now going to be served before the show! Come early for dinner and get a good seat. The […]

McLAUGHin Comedy tour begins!

The McLAUGHin Comedy Tour has begun!  McDonald and Carney will be touring and performing at some of NJ’s best Irish venues for the next 18 months with it all ending with a TOUR of IRELAND in April 2018!!! Needless to say, we are excited beyond belief. the McLAUGHin Tour will feature a different NJ based […]

M&C head to Stanhope House

We are so pumped to be performing at the famous Stanhope House on November 18th.  This venue rocks most nights with bands, but occasionally pull in some big name comedians…such as McDonald and Carney!! We will be performing our world famous Two Man act on that iconic stage.  It is also the first time that […]