First SoHo show is a success!

Thankfully the first installment of the McDonald and Carney Comedy Hour at the SoHo Playhouse in NYC was a success!  In what will be a monthly showcase of comedic talent, McDonald & carney now have their own Comedy Hour just like Abbott & Costello and Martin & Lewis did.

The show is hosted and headlined by Rich McDonald & Joe Carney and will feature a variety of comedy acts.  In our first show on August 14, we were fortunate to be joined by stand-up comedians Adam Lucidi, Kevin Dombrowski, and Natty Bumpercar.  All three had great stand-up sets and really had the crowd laughing.

Joe and I started the show with street interviews of Joe’s characters Cowardly Lion, Christopher Walken, Tony Soprano, and Jackie Gleason.  After the stand up sets, Joe and I returned for a sketch and then some improv games.  Each game involved audience participation and was a lot of fun!

We are scheduled to do the show every month on the second Thursday at 8:00pm at the SoHo Playhouse.  Don’t be afraid to spread the word and lets have a blast moving forward!


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