M&C rock Jefferson Twp High School!

McDonald and Carney had such a great time at Jefferson Twp High School this past week.  We were asked to return again this year to help raise funds for the JTHS Drama Club’s annual trip to see a Broadway Show.

We are so pleased to say that our second year performing for these students was even more enjoyable than the first time.  Joined by the talented Jackie Byrne, Big Rich and Joe played a whole lot of clever improv games and used student participation in every single one.  The students at Jefferson were itching to get on stage and play with us, and we could not have had more laughs. Each student who joined us on stage did a terrific job becoming such characters as Captain Jack Sparrow, Bernie Sanders, or interviewers at a press conference with Kim Kardashian.  The students were engaged and really a pleasure to play with.

We even broke out an oldie but goodie game of Story, Story, Pie, which ended up with two gracious students leaving the stage with their faces covered in whipped cream pie!

All we have to say is that we hope these kids have as much fun at the Broadway class trip as we all did last night.  Thank you Jefferson Twp High School!

MC show1

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