McDonald & Carney RETURN

Well after a few months of laying low, it appears that McDonald and Carney are back on stage and doing what they love.

For those who do not know, Big Rich had shoulder surgery in January.  Unfortunately because Big Rich tells all of his jokes with his right arm, it was impossible to make people laugh with his arm in a sling.  But fear no more, because the Boys are back in town…with a vengeance!

McDonald and Carney are starting off on Thursday April 7 with a stand up show at Costa’s in Roselle Park.  Costa’s has set up a dinner and a show option with full buffet dinner, drinks and dessert.  This should be a great evening.

Then McDonald and Carney get to do what they do best and perform their critically acclaimed Two Man Act.  First comes Saturday April 9 at a fundraiser show for the AJS Clark High School Booster Club.

Then M&C get to perform for the Jefferson High School Drama Club on April 13.  At last year’s show, they were able to pack a crowd of 200 students and family members. We expect a fun time as always!

Next up would be the Meadowlands Comedy Festival.  This festival alsts over 5 nights at venues all around the Meadowlands area.  Big Rich performs on Friday night April 15. Joe performs on Saturday night, April 16. Both Rich and Joe perform stand up on their final show on Sunday April 17.

Have some fun and join us at one of these events. We can’t wait to see everybody again!

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